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Say Hello to Paratha!!!

Who likes eating healthy? Not me! Milk and I never got along. Soup still makes my face go green. And leafy vegetables? I'd rather eat my nails. Because healthy never equaled tasty. Until now.

Say 'Hello' to our range of Leafy chapatis, Multi-millet Rotis and Whole Wheat Parathas! We took Grandma's recipes and added just one more ingredient- the TASTY.

Whether it's a diet or a party or just another Tuesday, say hello to something refreshingly new.
Go on, take a bite!

Millet Parathas & Rotis

Millet Roti's
Ready to hit your pan with just a tiny droplet of oil and just take me to the table and don't forget to serve me hot

Jowar Paratha : I am a jowari in breed and u would love my smoky texture with the crazy sliding gravies.

Bajra Paratha : I am the Pearl Millet filled with the goodness of Fibre and high in vitamins and minerals. Take me as a meal and crunch me.

Multi Millet Tawa Roti : A great combo and an all-in-one healthy roti. Calcium, Roti, Fibre, Protein and What not?


Palak chapathi : Please choose me for a perfect green diet when you go on a fresh date . I am rich in taste & nutrition..

Gongura chapathi : I want to tingle your taste buds by crawling the taste of fresh sorrel extract

Stuffed Parathas

I am delicious and high in nutrition. Choose me for a Heartful meal. I'm a surface whole wheat bread and inside me the goodness tasty stuffed veggies.

Paneer Bhurji Stuffed Paratha : I'm a complete protein meal. I make you feel energetic where I come with a complete Paneer filling...

Chilli Cheese Capsicum Stuffed Paratha : Addiction is my last name. Once you take a bite from my Freshly grated and cooked cheese blended with the splash of capsicum and chilly.!! Oh boy im sure you will fall in love !!

Aloo Pyaz Stuffed paratha : I'm your daily meal. I'm infact a matinee idol. I'm a regular but power packed meal, where energy is driven by both the ground mates...

Egg Bhurji Stuffed Paratha : Egg First ? or Chicken First? I say Paratha first with the zest of Egg Bhurji.

Chicken Kheema Paratha : I'm a complete flat wheat bread with a tasteful filling of tiny chunks of chicken. I'm crunchy and yet to be chewed.